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Distribuidora Johrengua
Every piece is a Master Piece

About us

A Little Info About Us

We are a company dedicated to commercialize guitars whit the most high standards. Our goal is to bring products of the highest quality at the best markets on the world.

Distribuidora Johrengua is part of an ancient tradition of making musical instruments in Paracho, Mexico using the best materials.

We have luthier masters with wide experience crafting every element carefully making of ours guitars a master pieces.

In Espacio Digno Know that Michoacan luthiers are recognized worldwide for delivering that put in each of the details of the instruments that them made. The precious wood used for fine guitars are of the highest quality, which gives them a unique and totally distinctive sound.

Each timber requires a special finishing process that our suppliers know and perform to the letter.
In 1537, when he named Vasco de Quiroga as Bishop of Michoacan, he began to explore the various locations of the state for the purpose of evangelizing the indigenous and teach them a trade for each village so they could earn a living within the system of the Crown . Thus, the inhabitants of Paracho them was assigned the manufacture of guitars, using the lush forests of the mountains around them.
Distribuidora Johrengua continue this tradition of almost 500 years, so they are ideal for study or conservatory, besides having a long life thanks to the work done by our master craftsmen.
We also handle a line of standard guitars in which the ancestral knowledge is mixed with the advantages that technology offers, without neglecting the small details that make our guitars the best.

Our Mision

  • We bring our product to more competent dealer.
  • We have the best business solution.
  • We support Mexican production.
  • We market our products abroad.
  • An extraordinary place to work and develop.


Our Values

  • Integrity: with our suppliers and our customers.
  • Passion: be authentic.
  • Responsibility: personal commitment.
  • Quality: excellence.
  • Sincerity: the quality of our products.
  • Collaboration: the world and our country.
  • Equipment: join efforts and multiply achievements.